Sapphire Collection

Symbology and Meaning

Like the Celtic collection, Sapphire contains a world of magic. The designs created for this collection keep the Celtic culture aesthetics and, thanks to the careful Sapphire pieces elaboration, they will keep their original look forever.

  • Key Labyrinth
    Key Labyrinth
    As well as life is a complex way through which we grow as a person, the vignette which accompanies to the Sapphire collection recreates the complex process which has given rise to this eternal collection. It is about a Celtic Key Labyrinth which stands for the point of linking between the Earth and the Heaven and, in turn, keeps the geometric shapes present in the precious stones cutting.
  • Tuim Knot
    Tuim Knot
    Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are present in it, the same as the four elements which are essential for life and for this collection process of creation.
  • Sun Wheel
    Sun Wheel
    Symbol of the Sun, heavenly body worshiped by our ancestors as the source of life in the Earth and present in Sapphire as the Great Fire from which the pieces are born.
  • Celtic Cross
    Celtic Cross
    This is a symbol much older than the Christ Cross, and consequently, with different connotations. The Celtic Cross symbolizes the four paths leading to the four ends of the world, or four cardinal points and its joint in the middle of it, which is the Cross central point.