Celtic Collection

Symbology and Meaning

Similarly to many other civilizations, Celtic people had a great cultural wealth full of wisdom, myths, and magic. Their beliefs and customs have remained over time thanks to their magnificent symbology, much more present among us than what we can notice.

From the wide variety of symbols which Celts left us, Barreiros has been inspired by the most meaningful and well-known ones, which still today are capable of transmitting the fundamentals which our ancestors stood for in these magic geometric shapes.

  • Simple Spiral
    Simple Spiral
    It is one of the oldest symbols and stands for the Sun, source of light, heat and life. The king heavenly body has been worshiped by all cultures, as it has the power of life.
  • Double Spiral
    Double Spiral
    It is the result of two united spiral combination and stands for the cosmos eternal duality. It is a symbol of eternal life.
  • Triskel
    It is about a symbol made up of three arms together in a central point, consisting of three spirals many times and called Spiral of Life. It represents the union of Water, Fire and Air, essential elements within the Celt universe.
  • Tetraskel
    It is usually made up of four arms which, like in the triskel, appear together in a central point, and by their curvature, provide the sensation of movement. The tetraskel's arms can also be spirals. This symbol stands for the Earth' four directions as well as the four fundamental elements, adding the Earth element to the three ones, symbolized by the Triskel.
  • Knots
    These consist of ornaments made up of a continuous line which is interweaved on itself. In the Celtic culture, the knot is the thread of life, which is in evolution through a continuous process of reincarnation, leading the soul to reach perfection.
  • Labyrinths
    They stand for the inside complexity of human beings' life, as the path to be followed towards its destiny.