Mysterious Forest

Origin and Inspiration

I have always lived surrounded by nature and when I was a child I loved getting lost in the forest and, as any child, my imagination took me to fantastic places crawling with magic beings. The forest's atmosphere helped me to make all my fantasies get life thanks to its smells, sounds and colours. When one gets older, although unaware of it, one goes on keeping the spirit of the child once was. I have wanted to give expression to my experiences and adventures in the nature by means of this glaze, providing it with changing colours and enigmatic textures.

The Mysterious Forest colour is difficult to define. Is it brown?, is it green? or maybe bluish?. It is the colour of my childhood's forest, and when I gaze at it I come back to be the adventurous child who was looking forward to meeting a goblin or gnome behind a tree.

Like a perfume, Mysterious Forest contains the woods' essence, invading any environment with it vivacity and magic.

Barreiros Artesanía ®

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