A Different Atmosphere

Tauchido presents us a manner of creating atmosphere through light and porcelain. Sfyria collection allows us to see other facets of porcelain, creating warmer and more intimate atmospheres in our home.

Sfyria Lamps are completely handmade and each of them has exclusive shapes, motivated by the artist's inspiration in the very moment of its creation.

Different, original and personal atmospheres: function is not at odds with design. With Sfyria Lamps it is possible to decorate with unique porcelain pieces, as well as to give any place some atmosphere with its singular beams of light.

Light your life with personality

  • Celtic Collection
    Celtic Collection
    A magic universe
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  • Sapphire Collection
    Sapphire Collection
    Another way of seeing and feeling
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  • Mysterious Forest
    Mysterious Forest
    A forest in your hand
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