Colour Comes to Barreiros Thanks to Tauchido

Colour is an essential element in our life. Present in everything which surrounds us, we cannot conceive the world differently from one riddled with vast numbers of shades and nuances. A colour is capable of revitalizing our energy, of calming down our stress, of uplifting our encouragement, of giving us strength of spirit or providing us with harmony and peace.

Why is porcelain always associated with white colour?

Tauchido shows us that, besides the purest white, porcelain can be dressed with full of deepness and nuances colours.

Our exclusive glazes are more than a colour over porcelain. Each one has its own entity, like a little universe of full of life colour within reach of our hands which will surprise us with something new every time we gaze at it.

Thanks to Tauchido's particular view, Barreiros gets open to a world full of new chromatic possibilities.

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