Another Way of Seeing and Feeling

Is an object capable of arousing a feeling in us? Barreiros' intention is this to be like that.

One of the essential elements from which the beautiful porcelain is born is the quartz. Among its properties, the most amazing one that this mineral owns is its capacity to pick up and store cosmic radiation.

From the very moment in which a sapphire piece is born from the Great Fire, it begins to absorb all energy which receives. Will it be able to house anything else?

This is a question we have to answer ourselves when, in a specific date, we receive a Sapphire piece from someone who loves us. The passage of time will give us the answer, when as we observe it, touch it or use it, it reminds us of this person or it makes us to revive this especial moment.

Sapphire is born from the wish that giving a porcelain piece is something else: It is to present someone with a source of feeling from which derives the best wishes from a person to another and will remain with this latter to remind about them.

Sapphire is Created Like That

With Sapphire Barreiros has taken a step forward in the creation of the highest quality porcelain pieces.

Sapphire pieces enjoy new and unique formulas, both in their paste and in their glaze and decoration, making them last with their maximum magnificence throughout their lifetime.

Their ornamental motifs, made up of the purest cobalt blue, are completely unalterable, as in this case we are dealing with under cover decoration, fired at very high temperatures.

Sapphire bottles are crowned with a deep cobalt glazed top, paying tribute to the precious stone which has inspired this collection.

Giving Shape to the Pieces

The careful handicrafter's hands create original shapes in the fragile porcelain paste, lending each piece an exclusive character.

After that, the pieces undergo a process of polishing so that its surface is flat and uniform, removing all flaws. This way the achieved result is that both decoration and glaze which cover the piece show a perfect finish.

Selection of Materials

Following a strict process of selection and refining the purest raw materials are chosen.

These latter own the necessary chemical element which combined in a precise manner make it possible to obtain the perfect mixture which, in turn, gives rise to the pieces' body.

This formula has been made so that each piece is the most resistant, the finest and whitest as possible.

Decoration and Glaze

After the slow first cycle of fire the piece is ready for the following step of the process: its decoration and glaze, which provides it with all its personality.

For Sapphire collection it has been created a unique colour, only possible though the specific combination of pure oxides under great pressure and temperature conditions.

The vitreous layer which covers the piece has been formulated with the purpose of highlighting both shapes and colours, making them unalterable.

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