A Magic Universe

The Celts were nomadic people who took their customs throughout a great part of Europe. Their culture was full of mysticism and magic, and left us a wide variety of symbols, by means of which our ancestors stood for from daily life aspects, the nature or life, to mystic or magic issues.

Barreiros' Celtic Collection offers designs full of magic and mystery, which this firm has tried to transmit to their pieces through this decoration. Combination of the purest white with traditional blue colour makes the "triskeles", crosses, spirals and the rest of iconographic motifs to highlight the pieces and put this ancient culture through the new generations.

Symbology and Meaning

Similarly to many other civilizations, Celtic people had a great cultural wealth full of wisdom, myths, and magic. Their beliefs and customs have remained over time thanks to their magnificent symbology, much more present among us than what we can notice.

From the wide variety of symbols which Celts left us, Barreiros has been inspired by the most meaningful and well-known ones, which still today are capable of transmitting the fundamentals which our ancestors stood for in these magic geometric shapes.

  • Celtic Collection
    Celtic Collection
    A magic universe
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    Sapphire Collection
    Another way of seeing and feeling
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  • Mysterious Forest
    Mysterious Forest
    A forest in your hand
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